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DIY Painting or Hire an Edmonton Professional?

DIY Painting or Hire an Edmonton Professional?

Residential painting has long been thought of as one of those home improvement projects that can be completed yourself. When you think of the supplies you need whether interior or exterior, the total cost is usually around $100, which leaves many budget-conscious home improvement property owners thinking they are getting ripped off when they receive a quote in the thousands for an entire property to be painted. However upon further inspection, can this be held as true?

Most house painters offer a full service operation. This means if you want your entire interior painted they will do much more than just splatter paint on the walls. For the interior painter to have the paint he applies last for years he’s going to have to prepare the surface before he applies any. This means wiping it down to avoid painting over any dirt which can result in an uneven coat.  Further, sanding the wall down and filling any holes with the correct strength putty then smooth it over.

Add in the work done ‘cutting in’ – painting the edges of the room first to avoid colour bleed between the wall and ceiling – and you have a full service Edmonton painting contractor that can get your entire project done in as short as one day. Finally, with the competition in the Alberta market reaching an all-time high, the prices have dropped significantly, so we recommend you check out House Painters Edmonton